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The five-year-old business traveler

AirBnB + homeschooling makes bringing the family along on extended business trips possible. My wife Elizabeth, my daughter Esther, and I live in a tiny Missouri Ozarks town — Elizabeth’s home town. I work with companies and organizations all over the world, usually spending about 1/4 or 1/3 of my time on the road. When they’re […]

Hillbillies vs. street preachers vs. hippies vs. hipster Christians

“First Fridays” is a wanna-be yuppie tradition in the artsy neighborhoods of most U.S. cities. Art studios open their doors. Free wine is poured. The young and the pretty celebrate the finer things in life. In Springfield, Missouri, however, hillbillies, street preachers, and basically any young person looking for trouble, cashed the party. Now it’s just one big, […]

My office in the Ozarks

When we moved to my wife’s little home town, there was just one problem: our house was tiny and I had no place to work. Elizabeth went on Craigslist and found me a luxury shed. It took several local guys to get it into the backyard, but now I’m all set up. The shed has […]

Hipsters with guns

Just like you, hipster friends, I get my single-origin fair-trade pour-over coffee from guys with handle bar moustaches and beautiful full sleeve tattoos. BUT in my universe, the tattoos are scenes from the Old Testament, the coffee shop is a project of a hardline neo-Calvinist church startup, and the dude with the handle bars is […]

Types of Conservatism and Progressivism explained

There are at least four major types of American conservatives: Monarchists Republicans (as in the philosophy, not the party) Libertarians Communists These are the major types of American progressives: European Classical Liberals Platonic Authoritarians Social Democrats New Age Utopian Anarchists Conservationists I know those lists sound very strange in the context of how progressives and […]

[Draft] Dream to Rebuild!

There are those who can afford airline tickets and laptops, and those who can’t. I’m talking about the 1% vs. the 99% — the global 1%, that is. The funny thing is, the global 1% includes just about everyone in the U.S. who’s protesting against our own national “1%.” Concerned members of the global 1% […]

How a room of South African autoworkers

How a room of South African autoworkers (not a professional choir) sings the national anthem. PS: the national anthem is an old hymn. These guys were singing the old version, not the new official one that has the Afrikaner anthem mixed in. Lord, bless Africa May her horn rise high up Hear Thou our prayers […]

Stadium events like these are the modern

Stadium events like these are the modern counter part to town square organizing. This is where the cutting edge of organizing actually happens — totally off the radar of the intelligentsia of course. I went to the Glenn Beck events. I’ve gone to a bunch of Christian conferences that take place in huge stadiums. And […]