Live blogging Saddleback forum 5

OK – I take back some of my initial over-enthusiasm for Obama’s performance. I think he did not meet the high expectations of evangelical leaders who are secretly plugging for him. Too many of his answers were vague. He just didn’t seem fully prepared. On a lot of those questions, he had wide open doors. He could have nailed them. But he just kind of went around in circles. A little John Kerryesque, I fear to say.

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  1. James 17 August, 2008

    Twice McCain had a chance to take a stand against discrimination (marriage question and faith-based charities question) and twice he fell flat on his face. He tried to act like he was giving straight answers, but constantly danced around issues, like the one about defining rich, because we know he panders to the wealthy elite in this country. More wealthy CEOs and big oil companies donate to McCain, while more US soldiers and almost 2 million people have donated to Obama. That says a lot.

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