Don’t just hire a blogger, BE the blogger! (A community manifesto for 2008)

The BloggerGate controversy raised a lot of interesting questions—but one I didn’t hear was: “Why aren’t the candidates their own bloggers?” And this goes for email too—the alternate title for this post could be: “Write your own emails, damn it!”

This is not a criticism of Internet staff on campaigns (I’ve been there, I know it’s not up to you). This is not even a criticism of candidates or campaign managers—it’s just an attempt at a wake up call: This is a whole new medium, a whole new channel for your own voice—you don’t ask someone else give your speeches or appear in your TV ads. So why have someone who barely knows you writing personal messages in your name that go out to millions of your most passionate fans and volunteers?
The list below is just a first quick take. Go to the New Organizing Institute wiki and add your own reasons, change the order, and modify the current ones. Let’s make this a community product.

Top Ten Reasons For Presidential Candidates to
Write Their Own Emails and Blog Posts:

  1. The people who have signed up on your email list and who read your blog are your die-hard supporters. These people love you and are going to pour their hearts into your campaign over the next year (or two, if you win). These people deserve better than canned messages written by an “Internet guy” who doesn’t even know you.
  2. If you write the messages yourself and really put something of yourself into them, then your supporters who receive them will be far more engaged in your campaign — that means they will do more work and donate more money.
  3. If you can spend six hours per day on high-dollar fundraising, you can take 15 minutes to jot out a note to your supporters.
  4. As someone running for president, you have one of the most interesting lives out of anyone in the world. And yet the canned emails and blog posts we get from you reflect none of that. You have ten amazing stories to tell every single day: tell them!
  5. Having some “Internet guy” write your messages is soooooo 2004! People are sick of those canned, formula emails. No one reads them anymore. Actually, no one read them in 2004 either. So wake up to this new medium and put yourself into it the same as you do with, say, television.
  6. Now that everyone is opting out of public financing, you need to raise hundreds of millions of dollars between now and November 2008. Everyone in America is disgusted by that. The only way you will get our full participation in helping you to get to that goal is by making a real connection with us and winning our trust that you won’t blow it all on sucky adds like they did last time.
  7. Because you’ll have fun doing it!
  8. ?
  9. ?
  10. ?

Go to the New Organizing Institute wiki and add your voice.

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  2. George 14 February, 2007

    Additional reasons to voice your own blog:
    8) Get some practice thinking outside the box
    9) Present original ideas without seeing them turned into ten second audio-clip hatchet jobs
    10) CPM. Come on, where can you beat the advertising costs of a blog?

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