Zack Exley

yours for the revolution


Since you aksed, here’s a little bit about me: I just finished a fellowship at Harvard’s Shorenstein Center where, among other things, I wrote this paper. Last year, I served on the Bernie Sanders campaign where I was honored to work alongside thousands of amazing grassroots leaders who made many miracles happen. After that, as a volunteer I helped start Brand New Congress, a campaign to replace pretty much the entire corrupt U.S. Congress with a slate of honest and visionary local leaders, and then Justice Democrats, which has been called a Tea Party for the Democratic Party. In my day job, I work with amazing campaigners, organizers and fundraisers at a firm called Middle Seat.

Rules for Revolutionaries

Becky Bond and I wrote a book about organizing based on our experiences on the Bernie campaign called Rules for Revolutionaries: How Big Organizing Can Change Everything. We’ve had a lot of fun speaking to groups all around the world about Big Organizing. Please get in touch if you’d like one or both of us to speak to your group.

New project

While working on Brand New Congress, I identified a need for a new kind of policy think tank: one that provides comprehensive, common-sense solutions for our biggest problems–solutions that are too simple and obvious for highfalutin academics to bother with–and explains them in plain, simple language. I’m working to start this think tank now! It’s tentatively called Left Right Forward, but it’s still embryonic. You can follow my progress here.

YouTube Experiment

Inspired by the Alt Right’s complete takeover of YouTube–which more people watch now than television (read my paper)–I made some videos that attempted to engage an audience there on economic issues in a new way. Check out the videos here.

Other stuff I think about

I spend as much time as I can reading history and economics. I’m focused on how poor countries become rich, and how countries with declining living standards like the U.S. can turn things around. The first book I recommend to everyone is Cambridge Economist Ha-Joon Chang’s Bad Samaritans.


If you’re a reporter or looking for me for some other reason, just email Apologies in advance if I can’t get back to you, but if we answered all our email, it’s all we would all day, right?

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